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Roaming Through Animal Histories (part 2)

Well as promised, here is the second half of my run down of the animals and their histories, that put in an appearance at iCHSTM (International Congress for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine) last week in Manchester (21-28 July 201.

Well I began ‘Animal Day’ (as I took to calling last Wednesday, aka Day 3) with two papers on the history of entomology in Russia. Insect, or insect pests in particular, were the basis of two papers that considered issues of the professional vs. the amateur, and the change in the relationship between the 2 as the number of professionals increased.

Day 3 continued with ‘Beyond the Animal Model’, a session dedicated to all things (well almost all things) animal. Continue reading


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Roaming Through Animal Histories (part 1)

Well hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of historians of science have descended on Manchester for iCHSTM (that’s the International Congress for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine for those who don’t know). We are spending a week here talking about all things historically scientific. Now I realise I haven’t posted anything for months, but I do have a couple of stories I almost complete for you. So in the meantime I thought I would let you know all the animals that have been roaming through iCHSTM so far this week: Continue reading

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The Snakes Next Door

2013 - Year of the Snake

2013 – Year of the Snake

It has been quite a while since I wrote a post, so I thought I should get back to my tales for the past. And what better time than New Year. So, I may have missed the start of the calendar year, but with the sound of Chinese New Year fireworks still ringing in my ears and the remains of a Chinese lantern disintegrating in my garden, it’s still New Year for me.

A browse through my ever growing collection of nineteenth century natural history books suggests to me that snakes were of less interest to those who made a living from the collection and observation of animals. Continue reading

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The Animal Side of Art

Last week, an online media outlet (that does not need to be named here)  posted a link to an article and entitled it ‘Our favourite animal that thinks its human moment…’. This struck a cord with me – and not because I believe that animals, on occasion, may/could think of themselves as human. Now this may not strictly have an historical element to the story, and because of that I have been quite undecided as to whether to share this as my first post. But, upon reflection, if I can’t write about it here, where can I write about it.

The story was about an elephant that paints. This is only one of many stories that are out there about animal art. But what struck me about this interpretation is that art was presented as something that defines us as human. Continue reading

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