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Animals and the Human Relationship

This year I chose to spend Valentine’s Day with the dead. Well, the living were there as well, but we were definitely outnumbered by the dead. The Grant Museum of Zoology at UCL (a great place if you have never been, as long as you like zoological exhibits) held a special night dedicated to animals and love. And it is to them that I owe a debt of thanks for the contents of this post. I was struck by the number of folklore tales, or superstitions depending on your point of view, that feature animals in relation to women and their love lives. So today’s blog will give you some ideas of how animals can help (or hinder) you Continue reading


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The Animal Side of Art

Last week, an online media outlet (that does not need to be named here)  posted a link to an article and entitled it ‘Our favourite animal that thinks its human moment…’. This struck a cord with me – and not because I believe that animals, on occasion, may/could think of themselves as human. Now this may not strictly have an historical element to the story, and because of that I have been quite undecided as to whether to share this as my first post. But, upon reflection, if I can’t write about it here, where can I write about it.

The story was about an elephant that paints. This is only one of many stories that are out there about animal art. But what struck me about this interpretation is that art was presented as something that defines us as human. Continue reading

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